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TsBarChicago.com is a place to come for fun, music and events. As you know our physical bar and event center is now closed but the name lives on through this event website. We love our city of Chicago. We love music, food, and good times. We loved serving the community and we don;t want to stop! We are going to mix everything up on this website, we will review bands, music venues, events, music festivals, food trucks, new joints to eat at, and anything entertaining we feel is worth telling you about.

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Now we are not just going to limit our reviews to Chicago. There are many places around this country that we love and even call our second home. Places like San Francisco California, Denver Colorado, New York City, Las Vegas, San Diego, California, all sorts of cool places, cool events, and cool people! There is so much going on in these cities that we just want to share them with the people we served.

Now of course the LBGT community is near and dear to our heart so of course we will be keeping up on the latest news and events that surround this beloved community. We loved the Andersonville neighborhood, we loved the people, and we thank you for all your support. With that being said, keep up on what we do, what we are talking about and you will find all the entertainment, music, and events you can handle!

T’s was a hot spot. Super friendly bartenders, staff, customers, and friends. Good drinks, good food, good vibes. We were restaurant oriented, we had a small bar, and of course the back bar with a pool table. The outdoor patio was always fun, and always a good time! The point is, we had food, dj’s, music, events, and good times so we know what we are talking about!

Being a lesbian bar, and we welcome new gays into the fold. The bartenders and staff were friendly enough and our customers came back over and over again! Positive thoughts were always abound, and there was nothing we loved more than a neighborhoody lesbo bar!

T’s definitely held it’s own as a restaurant and bar. In fact, the surprisingly good food lands T’s in the top 10% of it’s class. Solid. What sets it apart (at least in my mind), is that it’s a favorite lezzie hang-out. Just like the physical bar, we want this site to reflect the same quality and values, and above all be very entertaining and informative!

Complete with good eats (so we know food), yummy drinks (so we know how to party)! It’s was just a relaxed place to go and everyone loved it. A cherished memory for some, T’s remeber the friendly crowd and everyone was uber relaxed and happy. A staple in the social scene. We loved music, entertainment, food, and good times!
Ok, we have ranted enough, we love the fact you guys came to our website and we hope that you find the information on this site entertaining, informative, and appealing. We will let you know where the good times are, what they are all about, and how to partake!

Welcome to our site and we hope you are all well!